Integrated Loan Management Information System



The Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB) was established by an Act of Parliament to manage the Students' Loan Scheme. The Board has received funds from the Government of Uganda to be used for financing the Ugandan Students who are pursuing studies in Higher Education Institutions in Uganda.

The objectives of the Students' Loan Scheme are:-

  1. To increase equitable access to Higher Education in Uganda;
  2. To support highly qualified students who may not afford Higher Education;
  3. To ensure regional balance in Higher Education services in Uganda;
The HESFB therefore invites applications for loans from eligible Ugandan students who have been admitted for the Programmes / courses listed and in the Universities / Institutions listed. (To view click on the respective links)

Students Loan Application

Applications for student loans can be made via paper or online.

Paper Application

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Online Application

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